Episode 7: Next Level University - Developing Ourselves for Authentic Leadership with Kevin Palmieri

Are you feeling fulfilled in your career, or are you just chasing money? Have you ever thought about the impact of your personal development on your leadership skills? These are just a couple of questions that Kevin Palmieri, CFO of Next Level University and Human Development Guru, addresses in this episode of our podcast.

Kevin shares his personal experience of leaving a high-earning lifestyle to become a full-time podcaster and finding true fulfillment in doing what he loves. He emphasises the importance of human development and its role in elevating one's internal state to ultimately elevate external results.

As a leader, it's crucial to understand oneself at a deeper level to show up authentically, and seeking therapy or counseling or having a coach or mentor can help leaders learn more about themselves and become better leaders.

Kevin reminds us that every situation, every opportunity, every interaction, and every success or failure is a leadership moment, and the way you show up behind the scenes is the way eventually you will show up in front of the scenes.

Episode Highlights


  • What is human development, and why is it important for personal and professional growth
  • How can leaders show up authentically, and why is authenticity crucial in leadership
  • Why is self-awareness crucial for leaders, and how can leaders develop this trait
  • How can leaders let go of ego, and why is it important for building connections
  • How can high-performing leaders seek support in their pursuit of excellence, and why is it crucial


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