Episode 8: The Hidden Value Opportunity Veterans Offer To Your Business Performance with James Harrison

The Hidden Value Opportunity Veterans Offer To Your Business Performance. 


Are you tired of implementing IT solutions that only provide short-term benefits for your business? Do you want to ensure that your organization receives ongoing value and benefits from transformational change? Look no further than Business Value Engineering.

In this episode, we speak to James Harrison, about organisational value engineering, and how veterans can add value to an organization. James's background in the military taught him that people are what drive success in an organization, and he brings that philosophy into his career.

We discuss how the Armed Forces Covenant is a UK-wide agreement between commercial organisations and the British Government to support the Armed Forces community. The Armed Forces community brings adaptability, critical thinking, innovation, problem-solving, and people skills to an organisation. Signing up for the Armed Forces Covenant and considering how Armed Forces personnel can bring value to an organisation should be at the front of every C-suite's agenda, especially when looking at diversity, inclusivity, and equality.


Episode Highlights


  • What is Business Value Engineering and why is it important for organizations
  • What is the role of a vendor in successful value engineering
  • How can investing in veterans bring significant value to a business
  • What is the Armed Forces Covenant, and how can it benefit an organization
  • How can efficient visibility of supply chain and demand forecasting benefit an organization


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