Episode 10: eBay - Building High Performing Teams with Jill DePompei-Morales

Are you leading a team or just managing a group of people? Whether you're a team leader, a business owner, or an athlete, the principles of building high-performance teams apply to all areas of life.

In this episode, Jill De Pompei Morales talks about the key ingredients of high-performance teams, including trust, vulnerability, and purpose. We'll hear from Jill, a career-changer who found her purpose in coaching college athletes and understands the importance of taking an incremental approach to progress.

Take the first step towards building a high-performance team by reflecting on your own purpose and starting to create a shared sense of purpose with your team. Remember, building trust and a high-performance culture takes time and consistent effort, but the results are worth it.


Episode Highlights

  • The two key ingredients that must be in place for every high-performance team
  • Why is practicing vulnerability important for leaders
  • What are some common mistakes in leadership
  • How is trust built in a team
  • Why is a clear and shared purpose critical for building a high-performing team
  • What can leaders do to help individuals discover their purpose
  • What are some simple activities that can contribute to building a high-performance culture
  • How can athletes take an incremental approach to making progress


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