Episode 11: ChenMed - Redefining Flexibility and Innovation with Christopher Lind

Do you want to create a work environment where your team can thrive and boost performance? Are you ready to embrace flexibility and remote work?

In this episode, Christopher Linds talks about the importance of understanding the "why" behind flexible working arrangements, the challenges that leaders face when implementing flexible working, and how to overcome those challenges.

As a leader, it's important to listen to your employees and understand what flexibility means to them. Embrace innovation, invest in your own development, and reset your risk appetite to create an ideal environment for employee performance.

Episode Highlights

  • Why do people often believe that flexibility hinders performance, and how can this misconception be overcome
  • What are some small changes that can have a significant impact on an employee's ability to thrive in a flexible work environment?
  • How can leaders overcome resistance to remote work in their teams
  • Why is intentional development necessary for growth and success as a leader
  • How can leaders reset their risk appetite and embrace innovation in their organizations


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