Episode 12: Evolve Network - Leading Through Crisis and Non-traditional Family Situations with Kerry Grace

Have you ever faced a difficult personal situation that affected your leadership role? How do you balance being a leader and a family person? What strategies do you use to deal with emotionally charged problems at work?


In this episode, we will delve into the leadership challenges faced by Kerry Grace and how she overcame them. We will also discuss her strategies for dealing with emotionally charged problems, supporting employees going through personal challenges, and collaborating with others to find solutions.


Despite facing challenges, Kerry Grace was able to overcome them through a pragmatic approach and prioritizing her well-being. She also advocates for leaders to consider the needs of employees going through personal challenges and to collaborate with others in finding solutions.


Episode Highlights

  • What challenges has Kerry Grace faced as a CEO of Evolve Group Network
  • What are some of the primary leadership challenges that Kerry faces, and how does she deal with them
  • What should senior leaders consider when dealing with single-parent or non-traditional family units within their organizations
  • How can leaders support employees going through domestic violence or similar situations
  • How can leaders support employees going through domestic violence or similar situations
  • How can leaders prioritize their own wellness
  • Why is it important to listen to the experts, including those with lived experience, when dealing with a crisis
  • What is the importance of knowing the personality type and communication style of staff in supporting them

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