Episode 14: Memphis City - Innovative Leadership Techniques In A Corporate Setting with Alex Smith

What does it mean to be a servant leader in government HR, and how can embracing this mindset make life better for citizens? Join us in an insightful conversation with our esteemed guest, Alex Smith, the Chief HR Officer for the City of Memphis, as we explore the power of servant leadership and its impact on talent management, especially during the pandemic.

Alex Smith, 2022 HRD Global 100 HR leader and winner of HRO Today Magazine's CHRO of the Year 2020, is best known for positioning the City of Memphis as a model for city government for the 21st Century.

A firm believer in community service, Alex serves on the advisory council for 3SixtyInsights and the advisory board for Government Executive Media Group's RouteFifty. She also serves on the board of directors for the Soulsville Foundation.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Duke University and a Master's degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations from the University of Minnesota. Alex currently lives in Memphis with her two daughters.

Learn more about Alex: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chroalexsmith/


Episode highlights:
[3:37] What is servant leadership for Alex?
[7:00] An example of a program promoting servant leadership and barriers encountered 
[12:52] What is Ovation Award?
[15:11] Parenting vs. great leadership
[18:20] What her kids taught her about leadership
[20:47] How leaders can bring servant parental leadership into the workplace
[23:24] How to show that you actually care and helping your organization to grow
[29:04] Some challenges that allowed Alex to grow
[32:45] What’s in the future for Alex?
[34:33] Outro

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