Episode 21: Succeed - Human Innovation and Leadership with Jens Heitland

What if I told you that your organization's secret to fostering innovation and resilience lies in its people and culture? Our esteemed guest, Jens Heitland, CEO of Succeed, discusses that in our latest episode. Jens has an awe-inspiring journey, climbing the ranks from a construction site to a global level at IKEA in just 11 years. His story is a testament to the power of a dynamic leadership approach and an effective onboarding process. So, grab your note-taking tools and get ready to redefine your leadership and innovation approach with this episode.


Jens Heitland combines Innovation and Leadership to Human Innovation. He is an innovator at heart - he innovates businesses with people. Today he owns or co-owns several businesses. He is the founder of SUCCEED, a Leadership Education Platform that is set out to bring leadership education to 1 billion. He owns The Human Innovation Academy, where he and his colleagues help innovative leaders and teams build innovation in their organizations. His podcast, Human Innovation - The Jens Heitland Show, ranks among the top podcasts in the innovation field globally. He is a public speaker and talks about human innovation, reverse mentorship, and what he learned innovating at local and global positions in companies like IKEA, Deutsche Bank(M+W Zander), Fjord (Accenture), and Foot Locker.


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Episode highlights:

[1:45] How it led Jens' to where he is today

[3:26] On climbing the ladder of success

[7:29] Stepping outside his comfort zone

[12:03] The world of Human Innovation

[15:32] Sustainable innovation versus initiative-driven innovation   

[18:30] Some practical ways to initiate an innovation culture

[23:09] Diving deeper into his new company: Succeed

[26:30] What Jens wished he had done but never got around to doing

[28:02] Outro

Listen to a previous episode with Eric Girard: https://bit.ly/3qmRYYl


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