Episode 25: Unraveling Burnout: How Your Habits Are Keeping You Stuck with Jimmy Burroughes

In this week’s episode, we explore the powerful impact of habits on preventing burnout and achieving sustained high performance. Burnout goes beyond mere exhaustion; it's a state of emotional, physical, and mental overwhelm, leading to long-term consequences for individuals and organizations. We discuss the role of habits in perpetuating burnout and some insights into identifying and changing these patterns. Let’s look at your habits, acknowledge the underlying fears, and take proactive steps toward a positive change.


Episode Highlights:

[1:48] What is burnout and its impact on individuals and organizations

[4:56] The role of habits in burnout and the need for change

[9:09] Diving deeper into workaholism, overcommitment, micromanagement, and trust issues

[11:19] Recognizing and reframing habits for high performance

[13:49] Four-step process for changing habits

[15:37] Do you need more help mapping out your habits and identifying alternative ways to move forward? Reach out to Jimmy and his team, and they’ll get you sorted

[16:34] Outro


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