Episode 26: The Cost Of Being A Jerk At Work With Bonnie Artman Fox

What if you could transform the culture in your workplace by understanding and addressing abrasive leadership? In this episode, Jimmy is joined by a workplace conflict expert, Bonnie Artman Fox. They explore the challenges of dealing with abrasive leaders and the impact of their behavior on organizational culture. Bonnie shares her journey of working for an abrasive leader and how therapy helped her navigate the situation. They also talked about the difference between abrasive leaders and bullies, emphasizing the lack of self-awareness in the former. This episode will leave you plenty to consider and, hopefully, inspire you to initiate positive change in your leadership approach.


As a Workplace Conflict Expert, Bonnie’s mission is to come alongside you and equip you with the interpersonal skills to make conscious communication choices and uncover the unexpected ways conflict can make your team stronger and more cohesive.


Connect with Bonnie:

Web: https://bonnieartmanfox.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bonnieartmanfox/


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Episode highlights:

[1:33] Bonnie's backstory and journey to becoming an accredited boss whisperer

[4:28] Differentiating between abrasive leaders and bullies

[7:04] The costs of having abrasive leaders in an organization

[10:28] Risks and benefits of starting a conversation with an abrasive leader

[16:43] Positive outcomes and benefits of coaching abrasive leaders

[20:12] Identifying abrasive tendencies in oneself as a leader

[22:52] Seeking feedback and the importance of self-awareness

[28:51] Outro


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