Episode 27: What Exactly Is Burnout? AEIOU

In this episode, we still continue our discussion around burnout. This time, we dive deep into identifying and understanding burnout, a prevalent challenge in today's fast-paced work environment. Let’s talk about the five key signs and symptoms: AEIOU. The episode emphasizes the importance of recognizing these signs early and provides practical steps for individuals and leaders to foster a healthier, high-performance work environment. Consider seeking professional assistance if you resonate with three or more of these signs. Remember, addressing burnout is a continuous process, and recognizing these signs is the first step towards a more resilient and high-performing you and your team. 


Episode Highlights:

[3:33] Anxiety (A): Constant worry and fear can hinder focus

[8:56] Exhaustion (E): Struggle to function

[13:36] Isolation (I): Connection is crucial for performance

[16:19] Overwhelm (O): Feeling constantly swamped impairs performance

[20:05] Unmotivation (U): You don’t see the “point”

[22:40] What you can do if you resonate with these signs and symptoms

[24:00] Outro


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