Episode 28: Beyond Brainstorming: How to Make Your Ideas Happen with Colin Duff

Have you ever considered the potent intersection of innovation and risk management? In this episode, we are joined by the seasoned CEO of Mosaic Innovation, Colin Duff. His resume boasts two decades of helping global brands navigate tricky innovation challenges. Join us as Colin shares his intriguing journey and provides practical insights into instigating a high-performance culture. 


Colin Duff is an innovation and cultural transformation consultant with 20 years of experience in helping leading global brands such as HP, Marriott, PepsiCo, and Barclays crack their toughest challenges. Sharing war stories and actionable insights – especially those that are less obvious, counterintuitive, and which deviate from ‘best practice’ gives him a kick.      


Connect with Colin:


[email protected] 


Episode Highlights:

[1:19] Introduction of Colin Duff, CEO of Mosaic Innovation

[3:48] Colin's journey into innovation and cultural transformation

[8:31] Assessment of innovation levels in large enterprises

[12:59] Addressing the tension between innovation and risk perception

[15:40] Strategies for initiating innovation in organizations

[19:22] Colin's favorite insight about an unsuccessful innovation in the market

[21:26] Small wins and momentum-building strategies for creating an innovative culture

[26:17] How to connect with Colin Duff and key takeaway: "Get out of thought land"

[29:21] Outro


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