Episode 30: Why Billion-Dollar Decisions Are Made on Emotion with Keith Cronin

What if your business could grow and thrive, even in the most challenging market? In this episode, I am joined by Keith Cronin, founder and owner of Umergence. We talk about the mysteries of business scaling and growth. Keith takes us on his journey of reinvention, sharing wisdom from his experiences and emphasizing the importance of understanding your customers on an emotional level. We also navigate the roles and challenges of AI in businesses, providing a unique perspective on the modern business landscape. We then underline the importance of human connection in an increasingly distant world. Lastly, we venture beyond our own industry, looking for inspiration from diverse experiences. Tune in to learn how these unique perspectives can lead to innovative business change and success.


Keith has been providing advisory services to businesses for over 10 years in 20+ niches from a background in medical, sales, distribution, manufacturing, e-commerce, copywriting, systems building, marketing, and lead generation. He ran a successful rehab product importation and distribution business, stemming from his background in physical therapy and designing education courses, for 5 years before COVID shut down my business, shedding 90% of revenues in 3 weeks. He pivoted and helped co-found a digital marketing business focused on lead generation that took from $10K a month in August of 2020 to almost $2M in sales the next year, working with thousands of entrepreneurs in the process. Since then, he has provided business development, paid and organic marketing, and capital-raising services to various companies.


Learn more:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kj-cronin-085568248/

Website: www.keithjcronin.com

Email: [email protected] 


Episode highlights:

(1:36) Keith's journey from physical therapist to business owner

(4:36) The changing landscape of business and the importance of emotional connection

(9:27) The role of emotions in decision-making

(16:38) Inspiring teams and connecting with customers

(23:49) Leveraging Taylor Swift's marketing strategies for customer connection

(25:38) Encouragement for senior leaders to look beyond their industry for inspiration

(26:35) Career choices reflection and the importance of early expansion

(30:18) Outro



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