Episode 31: Mastering Leadership Overwhelm

Are you feeling the weight of leadership? The modern leadership landscape can often leave us feeling overwhelmed, leading to burnout and decreased productivity. In this week’s episode, host Jimmy Burroughes tackles the issue of overwhelm - its causes, its impacts, and, most importantly, how to effectively manage it. He shares personal experiences with overwhelm, giving you a genuine insight into the struggles leaders often face. He also discuss the ripple effect an overwhelmed leader can have on a business, leading to financial and operational impacts that can be devastating. 


Episode Highlights:

(1:56) The challenges in the modern leadership landscape

(2:30) Lack of leadership training and the concept of accidental managers

(4:14) The overwhelming volume of tasks and its impact on leaders

(5:20) Microsoft's research on leaders on the verge of burnout

(7:55) Importance of creating downtime for daydreaming

(9:07) Practical strategies to combat overwhelm: role clarification, prioritization, and delegation

(13:44) Quick summary  

(15:33) Outro

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