Episode 33: How Do I Prioritise When Everything Is A Priority?

In this episode, host Jimmy Burroughes addresses a common challenge faced by busy managers, leaders, and executives—feeling overwhelmed by the urgency of tasks. He explores the pitfalls of being a constant problem solver, or the "save the day" leader, and how it can hinder long-term impact. He emphasizes the importance of clear prioritization, effective delegation, and setting boundaries to reclaim effectiveness and impact. The episode encourages a shift from being a tactical firefighter to a visionary leader with a clear purpose and impact. He also dispels common myths, such as the "always available" trap and the importance of judging success based on team achievements. Tune in to embrace the art of prioritization, master delegation techniques, and safeguard personal boundaries to enhance performance and avoid burnout.


Episode highlights:

(3:12) The allure of being a "save the day" leader

(4:45 ) Lack of clear priorities and its impact

(6:15) The demotivating effect on the team

(8:36) Transitioning from tactical to visionary leadership and the myths around becoming a great leader

(11:32) Clarifying the purpose of your role

(12:55) The art of prioritization and delegation

(14:36) Protecting your boundaries

(16:58) Outro


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