Netiro - Partnering With External Recruiters with Tim Gear-Evans

Ready to supercharge your recruitment strategies and build stronger relationships with your candidates? Take advantage of this insightful conversation with Tim Gear-Evans, the founder of Netiro and a seasoned expert in the recruitment industry. He shares his valuable insights on tackling challenges head-on in a rapidly changing world where life decisions and a sense of entitlement profoundly affect the recruitment landscape. 


Tim Gear-Evans is the founder at Netiro. Having spent eight years helping to grow a search firm, Tim has more recently been assisting SME owner-managed businesses with their strategies, operations, and commercial finance requirements. 


The timing was right to return to executive search when, over a beer, he realised that his knowledge and experiences in different professional service industries could be brought together to create a new and exciting offering for the senior talent acquisition and legal markets. Away from work, Tim has a young family with whom he spends a lot of time convincing to move to a remote part of Cornwall, so far unsuccessfully. So Bristol is home (and a good one really!)


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Episode highlights:

[1:50] The biggest challenges in recruitment

[6:19] Importance of building a successful relationship 

[10:00] Be credible and be trusted

[13:29] Agency partners: The good from the bad  

[18:23] Recruitment mistakes

[23:17] Where to find great resources

[27:30] It’s about the people—invest in them

[29:43] Where to find more of Tim and Netiro

[31:37] Outro


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